About Us

Movius® is a global leader in application enablement for service providers. End user culture has changed forever and we now live in a world where mobility, control, personalization and hyperlocal searches are the norm. We enable a unique set of social/local/mobile applications to help wireless, wire-line, and cable/MSOs providers differentiate themselves not only from their competition but also from Over the Top (OTT) players like Google, Apple, etc. These applications allow service providers a path to recapture lost revenue from OTT players and level the playing field between them.

Our innovative applications focus on time-to-market, ease of use and end user relevancy. When developing new applications, we study market trends and evaluate the needs of end users to create novel ways to solve communication problems. Movius solutions include a wide range of applications that meet the evolving demands of various market segments ranging from consumers to enterprises at a time when boundaries between mass market consumer and productivity focused enterprise user are fast blurring.

Movius enables service providers to deploy carrier-grade solutions either on a cloud environment or on-premises in a matter of weeks. This capability allows service providers to offer services in an expedited fashion and maximizes their CapEx/OpEx investment.  Akin to the new age OTT offerings this rapid solution deployment reduces the service provider risk.  Movius’ IP voice/video, multi-modal messaging and mobile conferencing solutions enable service providers to increase revenue, reduce churn and expand their market share with value-added applications. Our dedicated research and development staff ensures that each solution we offer meets the needs of consumers and, in turn, enhances the brand of service providers.

To better align with service provider’s needs and accelerate return on investment, we offer a number of business models with our applications and platforms ranging from Software as a Service (SaaS), risk/revenue share and licensing (RTU). We also offer Professional Services to further aid in enabling service providers to seamlessly integrate and localize/contextualize our solutions. Movius solutions and services are offered both direct to service providers or through our valuable partners.

Visit the application area to learn more about our groundbreaking solutions or contact your Movius sales representative.