OVERVIEW: myIDs Feature Phone

Consumers struggle every day to keep their private lives separate from their public and work life. Most carry more than one phone to manage family, business, social, dating, etc. Movius myIDs Feature Phone is a network based solution that allows customers to have more than one mobile phone number on the same device with only one SIM card and without the need of a specialized dual-SIM device.


  • 1 Charge consumers a premium for having additional lines on their mobile phone.
  • 2 No need to subsidize a phone to offer a new line to a customer
  • 3 Cost-effective prepaid engine and integrates with existing voucher management system if required


  • 1 Works on any handset, does not require any downloadable application or a multi SIM phone
  • 2 Privacy by using a different phone number from the primary mobile number
  • 3 Mobility for people who are always on the go but want to stay connected


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