OVERVIEW: myIDs Secure

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is becoming a major phenomenon on most large enterprises as employees and corporations prefer having the employee using their own smartphones instead of a corporate issued device. The main risk that BYOD brings to a corporation is in the form of securing corporate assets. To a degree, one of the main solutions to the problem has come in the form of companies offering services to secure the device or Mobile Device Management (MDM). While being compatible with any MDM in the market, the myIDs Secure solution addresses additional needs not addressed by any other solution in the market – end user privacy and additional operator revenue in the form of split billing for voice and data.


  • 1 Dual lines for voice, SMS and data allows operator to offer two plans to generate additional ARPU – one plan for employee and one for corporation
  • 2 No need to subsidize a second device to offer a second phone line
  • 3 Auto-provisioning reduces call center costs


  • 1 Works with any Mobile Device Management (MDM) client in the market today
  • 2 No need to issue stipends or itemize mobile bills – the corporate bill reflects only corporate consumption
  • 3 Keeps any and all personal applications away from corporate persona


  • 1 Enhanced Privacy – Separation between personas keeping all personal information separate and private from the corporate IT department
  • 2 Performance Transparency - Provides fast performance by delivering native hardware performance to applications running in an identity
  • 3 Native Look and Feel


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