Our Company

Movius Interactive Corporation gives people the power to enrich their lives through viable innovations that transform the way they interact with information, media and each other. Movius is a global leader in value-added communication solutions for service providers worldwide.

At Movius, our priority is delivering products and services that meet and exceed carriers’ expectations. We currently have more than 2,000 deployments at wireline, wireless, and broadband service providers in more than 75 countries.

Movius offers a full suite of communications solutions for converged messaging (e.g., voicemail, video mail, visual voicemail, unified messaging), notification & alerts (e.g., missed call notification, emergency notification), unified conferencing (e.g., video conferencing, data collaboration) and virtual communication (e.g., virtual subscriber, second-line mobile).

Movius is driven by a team of dedicated and visionary leaders with years of experience and expertise in the telecommunications industry.

Movius Quality

Movius continually strives to provide our customers with products and services that exceed their expectations. Each Movius employee is focused on providing outstanding service in every interaction with our customers. We continue to innovate, not only our products, but our processes, in order to be better, stronger and faster.

Movius is and has been ISO 9001 registered for more than 10 years. This ongoing commitment to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction is an integral part of what Movius is, as a company. It is reflected in our Quality policy:

"To ensure customer and key stakeholder satisfaction in all interactions with Movius, by continuously improving the performance, consistency and effectiveness of our products, services and business processes."

Quality and Customer Satisfaction is part of everything we do; every day.