A key component of call completion has always been voice messaging which, in common with SMS, is highly time-sensitive and users are less likely to respond to older messages. Operators look at Movius Visual Voicemail as a mechanism to provide subscribers a way to channel urgency through time-critical delivery using the same OTT tools that have transformed the industry.


  • 1 Unlike IVR based voicemail, packaging voice messaging as an easy to use application increases voice messaging consumption
  • 2 Foster communication and increases revenue by giving end users more variety for replying to messages they are more willing to respond to messages that they were either uncomfortable or unable to respond to
  • 3 Since the client downloads all audio files utilizing the device’s data channel, Movius Visual Voicemail deployments maximize operator investment on data network infrastructure


  • 1 The Movius Visual Voicemail client is both easy to use and full-featured. Its interface provides a quick look into each message (Voicemail Inbox) as well as a more detailed view and control of each message
  • 2 Having a visual interface to all voice messages means that you save a lot of time by not having to dial through an IVR and listen to every single message. And since the client has access to the native address book, end users don't need to manually compare caller IDs with stored phone numbers
  • 3 Having messages pushed to the device as well as the flexibility to reply or forward messages, means that end users have quicker access to messages which reduces response time


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