of corporate communications are unrecorded “dark” communications.


of corporate data is “dark” data. - Splunk

Trusted by top banks and enterprises

Compliant mobile calling and messaging for client-facing teams

Complete communication compliance

It’s all good when it’s all above-board

Movius MultiLine is fully endorsed by IT and compliance. Capturing business calls and messages is automatic and the client opt-in takes one tap.

  • Unified app for business calling, texting and WhatsApp messaging
  • Mobile + desktop + CRM
  • Block PII and offensive language
  • 100% compliant
  • Retain and ingest recorded data to archive
  • Certified by Tier 1 global banks
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No more missed client connections

Allow customer-facing teams to move deals forward with text or WhatsApp

  • Send portfolio updates, guidance, and confirmations
  • See your next best action
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It’s a “direct” line that works from any device, across mobile and desktop

The MultiLine app separates work from personal, with no fear of crossover.

  • Personal phone
  • Work phone
  • Desktop
  • CRM
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Future-proof your firm’s compliance and start analyzing calls for training, to

  • Block suspicious language
  • Create an immutable archive
  • Analyze results
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Case Study

“Stress-Free” Compliance

In just 15 days, Shanghai Pudong Bank provides ‘stress-free’ way for RMs to compliantly text and call clients on any device.

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A better experience for clients and employees

Engage people where they already are

Simply add the MultiLine app to your employee’s devices - separate number for all voice and messaging (SMS, WhatsApp) to separate business from personal communications.

Client one-click opt-in
Send and reply on any device
Captured in the CRM
Dashboards and reporting
Integrates into your workflow
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Rollouts are simple

Rollouts are simple


Launch MultiLine at your firm

New or existing number
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Download the app on your personal or work phone

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Start communicating

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Launch MultiLine at your firm

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